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A 6-Sided Star, the HEXA planter was inspired by the Hexagon shape itself. 

This simple, elegant geometrical pot makes a space bolder and fresher.


Crafted with a variety of seedlings, saplings, succulents, cactus and indoor house plants in mind.


Pot hole specifications:

M - 50m Diameter

L - 70mm Diameter


We craft our holes wider than other similar designs out there available, all with your flowers and plant's growth and health in mind.

These planters are durable and not too heavy. 

3D Printed with sustainable and biodegradable PLA plastic and sourced from renewable corn starch, they are eco-friendly and would be a perfect new home for your favorite succulents, cactus, or herbs.


The wood textured ones have added recycled wood additives along with bioplastic made from corn. Its composition makes it an organic and environmentally friendly product.  

This planter comes with small drainage hole in the bottom.

All ready to sit on your desk at the office or on a shelf at home.


*Colors might be subject to slight changes due to photography/filament and lighting.




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